CECI Change des vies

More than 50 years of
responsible engagement

For over 50 years, CECI has made its mark in international development with professionalism, a dynamic approach, and an unending devotion to building a better, more humane world.


The mission of CECI is to combat poverty and exclusion. To this end, CECI builds the development capacities of disadvantaged communities. We support peace building, human rights, and equity initiatives. We mobilize resources and promote exchanges of knowledge.

Vision and values

« If you wish to go fast, go alone; if you wish to go far, join together with others. » African proverb


A constant concern for professionalism, rigour, and a creative vision have played a central role in the history of CECI. These ideals are incarnated in our highly qualified and experienced employees.

History of CECI

In its organizational culture and operations, CECI has succeeded in striking a fine balance between humanism and professionalism.