CECI Change des vies

In its organizational culture and operations, CECI has succeeded in striking a fine balance between humanism and professionalism.

History of CECI

Since our founding in 1958, CECI has become a bona fide incubator of international cooperation in Quebec and Canada.

As a pioneer of Canadian cooperation, CECI has broken new ground in many areas. For example, CECI laid the first foundations for international cooperation in Quebec, integrated human rights concerns into the bilateral programs of the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA), and instituted such important programs as Women’s Rights and Citizenship in West Africa, Leave for Change, and Uniterra – Canada’s biggest international volunteer program.

Known for their commitment and professionalism, the people of CECI serve with a growing number of Canadian and overseas development organizations . Our achievements over 50 years of CECI’s history offer a glimpse of what we have to offer in response to the challenges ahead.