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Thanks to your donations, CECI can carry out their sustainable development projects. CECI fights against poverty by supporting local communities to become the engine of their own change and improve their living conditions. Every donation is a step to buil a better world. A donation, your donation, changes lives.

Our other campaigns

Support a specific fund and make a direct and concrete difference in the lives of millions of people in vulnerable communities! Several campaigns are currently in progress. Act now!

Other ways to donate

You believe in the effectiveness of our work and want to actively contribute to the fight against poverty and exclusion. There are many ways in which you can get involved at CECI: make a monthly donation, make a planned or Honorarium gift or organize a fundraising event. 

Corporate Sponsorship

A growing number of companies choose to demonstrate their social responsibility to the community by supporting CECI. This partnership allows Canadian companies to participate in projects that have a tangible impact on the development of disadvantaged communities. Donations collected are used directly by CECI.


The organization has adopted a strict code of ethics and undergoes annual auditing by an independent firm who checks the accuracy of our financial records. Also, to improve transparency of how we use donations, CECI offers its donors regular project updates through documents such as the annual report and newsletters.