CECI Change des vies

One donation — your donation — will change lives

A growing number of companies choose to demonstrate their social responsibility to the community by supporting CECI. This partnership allows Canadian companies to participate in projects that have a tangible impact on the development of disadvantaged communities. Donations collected are used directly by CECI. By joining CECI’s partner companies, you enroll in a socially responsible approach.

Here are some ways of affirming your support for CECI:

Gifts from the employees

Implement a payroll deduction donation program within your company allowing employees to rally around a cause dear to their hearts.
This program offers various forms of direct deposit, at each pay period or at a specific time of the year.
Employees can also provide support by organizing a fundraising activity.

Matching Gifts

The matching gift is an effective way to demonstrate your social commitment, while specifically supporting the efforts of your employees.

In addition to initiating an employee donations program or fundraising event, your company may accept to donate an amount equal to the one collected by employees.

Event sponsorship

CECI organizes annual fundraising events that rally Quebecers (theme parties, galas, etc.). By partnering with one of these events, your company not only gets great visibility, but also demonstrates commitment to our cause, the fight against poverty and exclusion.

Company volunteers

The voluntary help from your employees is a way for your employees to show the importance they view philanthropic values.

Sponsorship of a field project

With CECI, your business can target its involvement with a unique program targeted to the CECI intervention areas or countries that are dear to your heart. This is an opportunity to enhance the image of your company towards society.

Want to contribute to the advancement of equality between women and men to improve their living conditions? Or support local people to become the engine of their own change? Or support a project after an emergency or natural disaster?

Regardless of the causes that call to you, we will offer you opportunities for engagement that meet your interests.

What are the advantages for your company? 

  • You benefit from being associated with CECI's image and reputation
  • Partnerships are also a great tool for mobilization and teambuilding 


Corporate gift tax considerations

Tax laws allow companies to deduct the value of donations from their taxable income, up to 75% of their net income, to a recognized charity during a year both federally and provincially. When companies cannot deduct all the donations they have made ​​over a year because they exceed the maximum allowed, the balance may be deferred during the subsequent five years (twenty years in Quebec).

For more information, please contact Olivier Marquigny (olivierm@ceci.ca – 514 875 9911 ext. 283).