CECI Change des vies

One donation — your donation — will change lives


The organization has adopted a strict code of ethics and undergoes annual auditing by an independent firm who checks the accuracy of our financial records. Also, to improve transparency of how we use donations, CECI offers its donors regular project updates through documents such as the annual report and newsletters.


All the "Make a Donation" pages on our website are secured. With help from Logilys, CECI has set up a secured web page called" I make an online donation" through which donations can safely be made. These expert-designed security systems will protect you from fraudulent, unauthorized use of information you submit using our online form. CECI does not have access to your credit card number or expiration date. This information is immediately encrypted and anyone who manages to intercept it will be unable to read it. We offer you our 100% guarantee that only the people assigned to collecting donations will be able to read the information you send us online. Our fundraising management team has adopted extremely strict rules for managing our donor list. This list will not be sold or exchanged, neither partially nor fully. Only our fundraising management team will have access to it.


CECI has a policy of systematically issuing a tax receipt for for any donation of $20 or more.

When will I receive a receipt for tax purposes?

We arrange for you to receive your tax receipt within two weeks after receipt of your donation. However, you should expect a longer delay during very busy periods such as Christmas and Easter.
Rest assured that if you made a donation before December 31st, you will receive a receipt for the current fiscal year. However, you must make sure that the date appearing on your check and the postmark date of your envelope are prior to December 31st.
On the other hand, if you spread out your donations with pre-authorized monthly payments by credit card or check, you will receive one tax receipt for the total annual amount of your donation. This receipt will be sent before January 31st next year.

How do I subscribe to your mailing list for publications or newsletters?

Please leave us your contact details by email to the address below stating that you wish to receive our mailings and our weekly newsletter: stephanier@ceci.ca
You can also subscribe online