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One donation, your donation, will change lives

Thanks to your donations, CECI can carry out their sustainable development projects. CECI fights against poverty by supporting local communities to become the engine of their own change and improve their living conditions. Every donation is a step to buil a better world. A donation, your donation, changes lives.

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One-time donation

Seeing increases in worldwide crises in the last few years — financial, economical, social and ecological — the world is looking for new alternatives and innovative solutions. Through its projects, CECI supports local communities in defining their economic future and achieving it themselves.

Monthly donation

Click here to subscribe online to the monthly donation and select "monthly gift" at the end of the form. By giving regularly, you make it possible for us to plan our long term efforts while implementing lasting solutions.

Donate to the Emergency Fund

In the last two decades, CECI has frequently been called on to implement humanitarian aid operations in order to help populations dealing with natural disasters or human conflicts in countries of Asia, Africa, the Caribbean, or the Americas.