CECI Change des vies

Run! Pledge! Cheer!

February, 4 2013


Join us on Sunday, April 28th for a Fund Raising sporting event for CECI. 
Participate according to your abilities and goals: two lengths (5 km and 21 km) can be done by walking or running. So, whether you are an athlete or amateur, the Challenge is open to everyone!

Get your family and friends involved to encourage your participation in the Challenge. You will help shine a light on CECI and raise funds for our projects!

On the Challenge Website choose CECI in the list of the organizations that will share from the Fundraising. But first of all, contact Mrs. Sandrine Guillot (514-875-9911 extension 327 - sandrineg@ceci.ca ) to express your interest. 

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:: Support our runners!

Make a donation to the team or to the person of your choice by clicking here

:: who are we running for?

    « Most of the year, I live alone with my eight children. My husband must leave to seek work elsewhere. With the creation of the food grain bank, we are able to feed the whole family. It is the first time that we have taken part in the sale of grains.  »

    Aïcha, a member of the Management  Committee of the Zidetan grain bank, Niger

    231 274 people benefit from the “Women and food security” project

    "The action plan to make the area safe and secure against eventual critical situations has brought awareness about climate change to the entire community. We now know how to measure our level of vulnerability about this reality."

    Bishwanath, member of the community, Nepal

    600 families benefit from the “Climate change: Mitigation of the Risks” project

    "Thanks to the subsidy that I received, I started my small shop with 5000 gourds used to sell with food provisions. I could then acquire other products, and today, my shop is doing very well. CECI has let me increase the number and the variety of my products."

    Dormil, female beneficiary, Haiti

    370 000 people benefit from the “National Participative Urban Community Development Project

    "Thanks to solidarity funds, the co-operative could grant access to credit for associated producers so that they could the get farm inputs necessary for farming vegetables. The funds make it possible to bring necessary technical assistance to the co-operative. It helps us find better ways of producing to earn more money and better support our families."

    Edgar, President of the Las Canoas co-operative, Guatemala

    1472 agricultural producers and 1373 entrepreneurs benefit from the “Rural economic development project in the department of Sololá

    "Women have and continue to suffer atrocious violence which leaves them with physical and psychological scars. The Project to combat violence against Girls and Women allows us to offer adequate services to victims for their physical, moral and economic rebuilding. After awhile, these women will become agents of awareness and will be able to take action to make respect of women's rights a societal norm."

    Gogo, Vice-President of the Concertation des collectifs des Associations féminines/Grands Lacs DRC

    2390 organizations and women’s associations benefit from the “Project to Combat Violence against Girls and Women in the Great Lakes region 

    "Thanks to support from CECI, I managed to double the area of my market farming site, from less than 0.5 hectares to 1 hectare. With our only income from the sale of onions, I met the food needs of my family for only 7 months, 11 people. Thanks to CECI’s support, it is now possible for my family to eat whatever they want to all year."

    Ibrahim, market-farmer from the village of Bourdi I (Commune of Keîta), Niger

    231 274 people benefit from the project “Women and food security” 

    "Our rice processing business helped us grow out of our status of agricultural workers. Now, we are also owners of the transformation unit that processes the rice and improves our social conditions."

    Ramata, Woman Rice Parboiler, Burkina Faso

    950 rice steamers benefit from the “Women Rice Parboilers in Burkina Faso” project

    "I was going through my first pregnancy and came into this private clinic to complete my pre-natal examinations. The doctors told me that I could give birth at the hospital or with a midwife. I decided to have my baby in the intercultural childbirth room created by the Un aguayo project ."

    Rosa, recipient of the project, Bolivia

    4866 women and 3528 children have benefitted from the “Laurine Klein" project  

    Thank you for your support, it is always appreciated!