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Haiti: Agents of Change

January, 11 2013

Montréal - January 11, 2013 – On this third anniversary of one of the most tragic events in Haitian history, CECI would like to recognize the efforts of the Haitian people, who are working tirelessly and proudly to rebuild their country.

Our team of 160 employees and volunteers, primarily Haitians, continue to work on rebuilding and restoring the boroughs affected in the catastrophe, mitigating risks and fighting to stop cholera in schools. The following are two examples of projects lead by CECI’s Haitian team:

• CECI supports the implementation of the project on Local Governance for Risk and Emergency Disaster Management in 21 of the country’s most vulnerable municipalities. Fifteen Municipal Civil Protection Committees received group training to improve their disaster preparedness. The passing of Hurricane Sandy in October 2012 was a testament to the success of these prevention activities; not a single victim was mourned in Léogâne and material losses were minimal.

• CECI coordinates the Local Development Project in Haiti (or PDLH, after the Programme de développement local en Haïti), which has been implemented in 17 municipalities. In St Michel de L'Attalaye (pop. 137,000), various groups have become associated under the leadership of their local elected officials in order to diagnose socio-economic problems. Several initiatives have helped Haitians take charge of the development of their land in a sustainable way. A municipal complex was built, leading to improved services for citizens; a fruit processing plant saw increased revenues thanks to the introduction of new products on the market; sugar mills that consume less wood began operating as part of more environmentally friendly management practices.

Through its numerous projects and programs, CECI has helped improve quality of life for more than four million Haitians. The organization has been active in Haiti since 1971, making it one of the most important development aid organizations in the country.

As a result, CECI was able to provide humanitarian aid the day after the earthquake. Some 750,000 people benefited from the following:

• health services were sustainably reinforced in seven hospital centres

• more than 100 volunteer health professionals were deployed to the field

• more than $1.3 million in medicine and medical supplies were distributed, including 18,000 hygiene and survival kits

• 450,000 people benefited from 600 tons of food, 80% of which was purchased locally

• 576 tents, 2,186 tarps and approximately 10,000 blankets were distributed for building temporary shelters

Last but not least, CECI pays tribute to the memory of the hundreds of millions of people who lost their lives in this catastrophe and thanks Canadians for their great generosity in response to the tragic event.



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