CECI Change des vies

Economic development

Any development worthy of the name must necessarily strive to be democratic, fair, environmentally friendly, and respectful of human rights, particularly women’s and minority rights.

Local development is a process whereby a community becomes the driver of change in its environment with the goal of improving its living conditions. Local development rests firmly on two pillars: local governance and socioeconomic development.

CECI’s approach

CECI supports local development by following a five-point strategy:

  • training for development actors (stakeholders);
  • implementation of a fund to support initiatives contained in local development plans;
  • strengthening of gender equality;
  • development of sustainable environmental management techniques;
  • a social and solidarity economy approach.

As women and girls are both actors and beneficiaries of social, political and economic transformations, CECI believes their full participation to be crucial to human development and democracy.

CECI also supports local economic development by deploying volunteers via its cooperation programs, Uniterra and PCV Haiti.