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CECI opened its Nepal office in 1987. Nepal has been at the forefront of CECI’s nationalization and decentralization process, with Nepali country representative and project team leaders shaping the Nepal program for many years now.

Since that time, CECI has carried out 34 projects in more than 40 districts of Nepal divided among the five priority regions.

It is still the most active Canadian international development organization working on economic and social development in Nepal.

CECI cultivates long-term partnerships with numerous NGOs, cooperatives, private businesses, local councils, and central government agencies and departments. Our main areas of work are:

  • rural poverty reduction;
  • good governance and democracy;
  • reducing disparities between women and men and between castes, particularly in terms of participation and access to services;
  • community health, nutrition, and hygiene;
  • natural resources management with a priority on rural electrification and marketing of forest resources;
  • transfer and adaptation of conflict management techniques developed and used by CECI in Latin America and Africa.