Frequently Asked Questions

Where do your donations go?

The organisation has a strict ethical code and annually is audited by an independent firm which verifies the accuracy of the figures. To further increase transparency with its donors, CECI regularly provides information updates regarding the evolution of it’s projects as well as the annual report and newsletters. 


All “Donate” web pages you find on this site are secure. In collaboration with Logilys, CECI has set up a secure "I donate online" web page, through which you can make a donation online in complete security. The security systems, developed by experts, protect you against any fraudulent or unauthorized use of your confidential data provided on the online donation form. CECI does not have access to your credit card number. As it is directly encrypted, the data you enter will be indecipherable for anyone who may intercept your donation form. We guarantee 100% that only staff assigned to fundraising can read the information that you transmit to us electronically.

The Fundraising Department has adopted extremely strict rules for managing its list of donors. The latter is neither sold nor exchanged, in part or in whole. Only the staff of the Fundraising Department can access this list. 


It is CECI's policy to systematically issue a tax receipt for any donation of $ 20 or more.

We will arrange for you to receive your tax receipt within two weeks of receiving your donation. However, there may be delays during busy periods, such as Christmas and Easter.

Rest assured that if you made a donation before December 31st, you will receive a receipt for that current fiscal year. However, for us to be able to do this, you must ensure that the date written on your check, as well as the postmark date on the postage on your envelope, are before December 31st.

If you give a monthly donation through pre-authorized payment, either credit card or check, you will receive a single tax receipt for the total annual amount of your donations. This receipt will be sent to you before February 28th of the following year.

How to subscribe to our mailing list for publications and direct mailing?

We invite you to email us at the following address ( and include your full contact details as well as mentioning you would like to receive our direct mailing campaigns and monthly newsletter. 

You can also sign up for this online