Corporate files

Strategic Plan 2014-2019

Vision for the next 5 years : A CECI international network which mobilizes key change agents, in both the South and the North, in order to promote sustainable socioeconomic development, reduce poverty, establish egalitarian gender relations and increase the security of the most vulnerable populations.

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Policy on Gender Equality, Rights and Diversity

Gender equality, women’s empowerment, and the determination to fight all forms of gender-based discrimination are the cornerstones of our vision of sustainable development and the effective struggle to eliminate poverty and exclusion.

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Sustainable Development Policy

CECI’s Sustainable Development Policy officially sets out our vision for sustainable development within the organization and in all of our activities. It is intended to help us rise to the challenge of promoting social equity through sustainable economic development, while protecting the environment.

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Policy on collaboration with the private sector

CECI recognizes that the private sector can, under certain conditions, make an important contribution to development in the countries where it is active. It intends to increase its support for private sector development in developing countries in order to have a greater impact on sustainable economic development.

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Policy on the Prevention of Harassment, Exploitation and Sexual Abuse

CECI strives to create safe workplaces and programs by providing an abuse-free environment, and protect the populations with whom it works. CECI fights against harassment, exploitation and sexual abuse, including all forms of sexual misconduct.

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Donation and Sponsorship acceptance Policy

CECI’s Donation and Sponsorship Acceptance Policy aims to define the conditions of acceptance, as well as the management methods of donations and sponsorships, in cash or in kind, from individuals and organizations in the private or public sector.

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Code of Conduct and Ethical Rules

The purpose of this Code of Conduct is to assert and confirm our behaviour principles and preserve the long tradition of integrity and credibility that CECI has worked to build since it was founded. These are the principles to which we ascribe; they are aligned with our values and rooted in cooperation, integrity, respect, equity and commitment.

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Code of conduct for Volunteers

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