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Since 1990, CECI-Bolivia has concentrated its efforts on the Andean region, supporting economic development in the region by promoting fair trade.  We helped form the Bolivian Solidarity Economy and Fair Trade Movement, which brings together all civil society organizations involved in this endeavour. One early achievement of this movement was the creation of temporary sales venues through which fair trade can set itself apart from the conventional market.

CECI-Bolivia also works in maternal and in child health and toward sustainable economic development in rural areas.

in Bolivia


Pasaje "A"  Nº 5 entre la Avenida José Aguirre Achá y Calle 1 de la zona Los Pinos
Telephone : +(591) 2 2917162 / +( 591) 2 2775854
‚ÄčE-mail : cecibolivia@ceci.ca

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