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CECI-Guatemala opened offices in the country in 1990. We engage in development and support projects, particularly with indigenous populations, who make up over 60% of the population of Guatemala. Specifically, we promote the industries of community tourism, sustainable economic development and fair trade, as well as the solidarity economy. Our support for the fair trade coffee industry is as promising as ever in this regard. With the growing environmental concerns, CECI-Guatemala is also helping to make drinking water more accessible and to improve waste management in the Lake Atitlan region.

CECI-Guatemala also works with populations affected by natural disasters, such as frequent flooding, to raise community awareness about risk and disasters.


Documents and news

Publication | April 19 2022

Context of Guatemalan women and young women entrepreneurs

The report presents a diagnosis of the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Guatemala with reference to the context of Guatemalan women and young entrepreneurs. This document consists of a documentary and field research to highlight the reality of women and young entrepreneurs. It aims to better understand the key actors in the entrepreneurial field by presenting their functions and points of view, according to the services they offer for the development of women entrepreneurs. This report also reveals the different experiences of women entrepreneurs in the country, especially in relation to the context, their current reality, the gaps and opportunities that the Guatemalan entrepreneurial ecosystem offers for their economic development.

News | September 04 2021

Indigenous Women's Rights Day - Meeting with Saríah Acevedo, Coordinator of Equal Rights and Justice for Women and Girls in Guatemala (DEMUJERES)

Publication | May 20 2021

CECI-Guatemala Newsletter, May 2021

In this newsletter, we share the most important achievements of our projects in the last quarter, which seek to reinforce equality between women and men through the empowerment of women and girls.

News | March 04 2021

Learning by Doing: Three Indigenous Women Entrepreneurs in Times of Pandemic

News | July 06 2020

Guaranteeing the Integrity, Resilience and Access to Justice of Indigenous Women in Times of Pandemic in Guatemala

News | May 22 2019

When Fighting for the Environment Promotes the Economic Empowerment of Women

News | February 01 2019

Guatemala: your donations have made a real difference and have helped revive the economic activities of hundreds of women

News | January 03 2019

DEMUJERES: For the Rights of Indigenous Women and Girls in Guatemala

Publication | December 21 2018

Fuego volcano humanitarian emergency: summary of the second phase of the intervention in Guatemala (in French)

Publication | December 21 2018

Fuego volcano humanitarian emergency: briefing note of the second phase of the intervention in Guatemala (in French)

Publication | December 20 2018

Fuego volcano humanitarian emergency: summary of the intervention in San Juan Alotenango, Sacatepéquez (in French)

Publication | December 20 2018

Fuego volcano humanitarian emergency: Information note of the intervention in San Juan Alotenango, Sacatepéquez (in French)

News | November 02 2018

The Uniterra Program at IVCO Montreal 2018, for the Inclusion of Women and Youth

News | October 14 2018

CECI: 60 Years of Equality, Justice and Empowerment

News | September 13 2018

Guatemala: Your donations have a real impact

Three months have now passed since the tragic events; while the horror of the first weeks has subsided, the hard work of reconstruction is just getting started. To this day, thanks to your donations, CECI’s initiatives have reached 200 families consisting of the 777 people staying in the emergency shelters of San Juan Alotenango, where we strive to ensure their well-being and safety and to offer them dignified living conditions.

News | July 02 2018

Guatemala: Victims of the Fuego Volcano Still Need Your Help!

News | July 01 2018

WUSC and CECI, Proud of Our Volunteers!

News | June 11 2018

CECI is launching a call for donations in support of its humanitarian intervention in Guatemala, reaching 5,000 people

Publication | June 05 2018

Press release: CECI-Guatemala joins in solidarity the people affected by the Fuego volcano eruption

News | January 23 2018

Libertad Benito, committed to women in Guatemala, won the 2018 Women in Action Award!

News | July 19 2017

Happy 25th Anniversary to CECI-Guatemala!

News | October 13 2016

A Biologist Working with Cardamom Producers in Guatemala through the Uniterra Program

Publication | July 02 2012

PREVIMU - Boletin de actividades, Julio 2012

Publication | June 01 2012

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