Earthquake in Haiti - Emergency Fund


CECI's teams are working hard on the ground to respond to the most pressing needs of the Haitian population, following the 7.2 magnitude earthquake that shook the southwest of the country on August 14.

The provisional death toll is over 2,207, with more than 12,000 injured and significant damage to homes and infrastructure. Your help is essential to help the population recover from this terrible disaster:

  • A donation of $65 provides a family with temporary shelter until homes can be rebuilt. 
  • A donation of $32 provides a family with drinking water and containers to filter and store water. 


CECI-Haiti has two offices located in the region affected by this disaster, in Jérémie and in the city of Les Cayes, where it is currently implementing six development and humanitarian aid projects. Our teams already on site have seen major material damage: houses, health centers and administrative complexes damaged or completely destroyed. Hospitals are overwhelmed by the number of injured people and several roads are blocked or destroyed, making access for rescue workers very difficult.

CECI is currently providing logistical support for the transportation of doctors and medicines, the delivery of drinking water using tankers, food kits, feminine hygiene kits, temporary shelters including tents, tarps and small mattresses, etc. Our teams will remain engaged with the affected populations to identify needs and propose actions for post-disaster recovery. 

You can show your solidarity with the Haitian people by making a donation, which will help reach and support even more victims of this disaster:

Every donation counts!


CECI calls for your solidarity in support of the Haitian people, who were hit hard by a 7.2 magnitude earthquake that shook the southwestern part of Haiti on Saturday morning, August 14, 2021.

Support CECI's efforts in Haiti and help the people recover: Make a donation now!