Nepal - Sustainable Use of Technology for Public Sector Accountability

Although Nepal has experienced political volatility over the last few decades, the tides have begun to change.  Democracy has only recently been achieved in Nepal, and it is in this context that this project seeks to close existing gaps between non-governmental organizations, communities, citizens and the supply of government services. This project has three goals:

1. To ensure people’s meaningful participation in the decision-making process by using integrated technologies in governance and social accountability.  The approach of the Susasan project aims to improve governance transparency at the local level and boost local community groups’ ability to press for inclusion in the democratic decision-making process;

2. To work with municipalities in order to help them acquire and become familiar with integrated technologies to increase transparency at the local level. The communities will be able to access information on recent municipal decisions, understand how the budget is allocated and find points of interest such as medical services and business services, among other types of information made available;

3. To have a more engaged civil society and to improve the lives of women and other marginalized groups.  CECI will help build the capacity of local organizations to understand and interpret open municipal data, as well as offer training on data collection and the use of complaints and redressal mechanisms.

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