Emergency response in Nepal : Organizing Aid

News | Published at: May 08 2015

Nearly two weeks after the terrible earthquake that rocked Nepal, CECI is hard at work supporting those affected by the event.

The situation is slowly improving in certain parts of Kathmandu, where banks and certain business are beginning to operate again. Emergency relief has begun reaching those in need, however, access to food and water is still problematic. Rural areas closest to the epicentre are not yet receiving aid and are still very difficult to access. The needs are great.

CECI’s Nepal team have only suffered material damages and are currently focusing on humanitarian support and cooperating with other organizations. We are launching a joint initiative with French NGO ACTED, with whom we have been working for several years in the area of humanitarian aid, and with funding from the International Humanitarian Assistance Program through Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Canada. This week, CECI’s Nepal team is also receiving support from a specialized humanitarian aid consultant and a project manager from its head office in Montreal. CECI’s actions will be concentrated in the two hardest-hit districts, Kavre and Sindjupalchowk. 

In recent days, many volunteers who have worked with CECI in Nepal have been mobilized, calling on the public to support our efforts. Canadians have generously responded to that call. Still, the needs are tremendous and your support is crucial to helping these people face the coming days, weeks and months.

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Donate before May 25th and double your impact! For every dollar donated by individuals, the Canadian government will set aside one dollar for the Nepal Earthquake Relief Fund.

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Photos: Frédéric Séguin, Shoot to Help

"I will be following the activities of the different NGOs around Kathmandu supporting the ones affected by the earthquake. For now, I am collaborating with CECI from Canada. Our first field visit as an assessment mission today was in the villages in the district of Kavre. People lost a lot but they are still smiling and thinking about the future."
- Frédéric Séguin, Shoot to Help