Rights and Justice for Indigenous Women and Girls in Guatemala (DEMUJERES)

Area of Expertise

  • Gender Equality

Means of Action

  • Volunteer cooperation
  • Development
Country Country

The departments of Chimaltenango, Alta Verapaz and Sololá in Guatemala

Length Length

August 2018 to March 2024

Beneficiaries Beneficiaries

6,400 women and girls and 200 men benefit directly from the project

Partners Partners
  • This project is carried out in consortium with Lawyers Without Borders Canada (LWBC)
  • Local partners: 4 indigenous women’s organizations, 3 women’s organizations, 7 national-level civil society organizations, national and departmental networks for the prevention of violence against women, 2 indigenous rights organizations 4 human rights organizations and indigenous authorities in regions targeted by the project.
Budget Budget
  • 6,000,000 CAD (Global Affairs Canada)
  • 678,000 CAD (CECI-LWBC)

Guatemalan women and girls are particularly vulnerable to gender-based violence. The femicide rate in Guatemala remains one of the highest in the world, with an average of two women killed in the country every day. Rape occurs at a rate of 28.3 cases per 100,000 inhabitants. This problem is further exacerbated by the fact that the vast majority of femicides and crimes of gender-based violence go unpunished.

Access to justice is particularly limited for indigenous women facing these forms of violence. They feel excluded from the system due to their language, cultural practices, and sheer geographical distance from legal services. The treatment they do receive in the legal system is often fraught with discrimination and racism.

Equal Rights and Justice for Indigenous Women and Girls in Guatemala (DEMUERES) promotes the human dignity and empowerment of indigenous women and girls—particularly the indigenous—by better protecting them from sexual and gender-based violence and improving access to justice. 

Stepping up women’s empowerment

We build the capacities of women’s organizations and State structures to support victims of sexual and gender-based violence at the psychosocial, economic and legal levels. Our goal is to increase women’s capacity to act and to guarantee that they can exercise their rights. 

Improving access to justice for indigenous women and girls 

The project targets departments that have endured much violence: Alta Verapaz, Sololá and Chimaltenango, all of which support nation-wide actions. We support legal actors’ use of legal standards for protection against sexual and gender-based violence, and to offer services adapted to the needs of indigenous women and girls.

Raising awareness within targeted communities

We work with men, media and institutions to raise awareness about issues of sexual and gender-based violence. The project helps to foster a social environment that is favourable to the rights of women and girls.

The Equal Rights and Justice for Indigenous Women and Girls in Guatemala (DEMUJERES) project is carried out by CECI and ASFC, with financial support from Global Affairs Canada.

Project figures

2.3 million people will be informed about issues of sexual and gender-based violence

6,600 people will be directly involved in improving the enjoyment of the right of indigenous women and girls to a life free of violence

600 legal actors will be trained to apply the legal norms of protection against sexual and gender-based violence

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Rights and Justice for Indigenous Women and Girls in Guatemala (DEMUJERES)

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Rights and Justice for Indigenous Women and Girls in Guatemala (DEMUJERES)