Desafío caritativo y deportivo del CECI: ¡Aceptemos el desafío juntos, virtualmente! (en inglés)

Eventos | 28 de agosto de 2020 | Canada

 Due to the uncertainty regarding our participation in the race and the possibility of a physical gathering next September, CECI has decided to opt for a virtual run over the summer, as proposed by the Scotia Bank event organizers. More than ever, we need to support the vulnerable communities who we work with! We invite you share this unique experience of solidarity with us, all the while at a distance! Stay tuned for more details! 


Donate to one of the run’s participants and support equality between women and men globally. Choose a CECI project that is close to your heart, to ensure its continuity in the context of the pandemic and support the recovery of the most vulnerable populations after the crisis: 

Team ACOSME: For the health of mothers and children in Haiti during the time of COVID-19;
Team ÉDUFAM: For the education of girls in the region of the African Great Lakes in the context of the pandemic;
Team PAEFFR: For the economic recovery of women in Benin post COVID-19; 
Team SUSASAN: For the adaptation of integrated technologies as a source of information on COVID-19 in Nepal; 
Team Armande Bégin Fund : For the progress of women in Mali. 

To participate in the charity challenge or for more information contact Ana Isabel Otero ( or 514 875-9911 Extension: 335).

More details to come regarding the format of the virtual race. 


In the park of your choice


Verano 2020