Support a CECI’s volunteer !

CECI believes strongly in volunteer cooperation as a powerful tool for development.

Founded upon the notion of mutual strengthening between organizations and networks, CECI’s volunteer programs combine expertise with know-how to more effectively combat poverty. Over the years, our development actions have been made possible by the commitment of some 15,000 volunteers in the field, often with spectacular results !

Thanks to the support of our volunteers, CECI aims to improve the social and economic welfare of the poorest, most disadvantaged people of Africa, Asia and the Americas. CECI is specifically focused on empowering women and girls as leaders and agents of change for a sustainable, inclusive development.

Sharing their skills and expertise as they collaborate closely with partners from developing countries, CECI’s volunteers work for the economic empowerment of women and girls while helping the local communities become more resilient to climate change.

Support a CECI’s volunteer !